Vacuum Pressing Systems for Veneers

Vacuum Pressing Systems for Laminating & Veneering

Vacuum Pressing Systems offers two types of veneering and laminating systems. The vacuum pressing “Bag” system which completely envelops the woodwork and the vacuum press table “Frame” system with a hinged lid that drops down over the wood panel being pressed.

When air is removed from a closed vacuum bag containing a veneering or laminating project, two things happen. First, as the vacuum is created, atmospheric pressure bears down on the work inside the bag with perfect uniformity and enormous pressure. Second, as air is drawn out of the cells in the surface structure of the wood, glue is sucked into these cells. The results are dependable and consistent.

Create beautiful curved woodworking including:

  • Architectural Millwork
  • Fine Furniture
  • Musical Instruments
  • Cabinetry
  • Antique Restoration
  • Marquetry
  • Spiral Staircases

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  • VacuPress Professional 6cfm Pump
  • VacuPress Total Air 6cfm Pump
  • Hi-Flo Industrial VacuPress Pump 10 cfm
  • VacuPress Flip Top Table Kits
  • VacuPress Vacuum Bags
  • Unibond 800 Veneer Glue
  • 30 mil Economy, Premium Extruded Polyurethene or Vinyl Bags