Solid Surfacing Tools & Equipment

Let us help you find all the best tools for your specific Solid Surface fabrication needs.

We carry 4 Pod Parallign Seam Clamps from Monument Tools for your shop or jobsite- The most effective method to a perfect seam.

  • Perfectly clamped seams with a minimum amount of time and effort
  • Operates with shop air or a small portable compressor
  • Aligns surfaces as well as clamp seams
  • Ski route the adhesive and go to finish sanding with 120-180 grit

Gem Industries BW-H 11″ Electric Sander / Polisher – orbital action sands, polishes and finishes with a motion like that of the human hand! This heavy duty 2 handed machine runs at 1700 orbits per minute without the possibility of creating the swirl marks associated with high speed rotary buffers. For Solid Surfacing the Gem Sander can use Micron paper, Trizact and Scotchbrite. See link for Sanding Sequences for Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss finishes. 

Fein Power Tools Electric Random Orbit Sander MSF636-1 + Fein Wet/Dry Portable Dust Extractor –  

98% Dust-Free! Dust-Free sanding is faster and creates a better finish. The sandpaper rides directly on the work surface. The pad stays cool and sandpaper lasts longer. We carry micron paper, trizact and Scotchbrite for the Fein System. Hepa filters are available for Fein vacuum.

Festool Dual Mode Random Orbit / Eccentric Sanders and Portable Hepa Dust Extractor

Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex 6″ Rotex Sander – Never before has such a powerful sander been so refined. The Rotex RO 150 changes effortlessly from coarse sanding to fine sanding, to polishing. Also available in 5” and 3 1/2” Multi-Mode Sander. We carry micron paper, trizact and Scotchbrite for the Festool System.

Dynabrade Random Orbit Air Sanders for Solid Surface Sinks –

3 1/2”, 5” and 6” available in 3/16 and 3/32 orbital patterns.

Surcare 13” Electric 4 pad (5”pads) Sander & Microfinisher 
Surecare 15” Electric 4 pad (6” pads) Sander & Microfinisher 

Utilises 4 abrasive discs at once. Precision engineered from high quality materials. It is designed for Industrial use, taking the labour intensity out of the finishing process, while providing a smooth predictable finish. Designed for Industrial use – these machines will last for years. Sand wet or dry. Random Orbit to Polishing ability  – works the compound or polish into the surface of the material.

Abrasives for Solid Surface material 

We carry all Sandpaper, Micron, Scotchbrite and Trizact for Solid Surfacing. See link for Sanding Sequences for Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss finishes for most sanders. 

Dust Technology Systems – Self Contained, Internal Return Dust Collection Systems

Efficient and reliable – removes dust and waste material of solid surface from the manufacturing process. Internal air return process: no air, either heated or cooled, is discharged, greatly reducing your facilities monthly utility costs! Durable & affordable, costing substantially less than conventional cyclone systems.

Striebig Vertical Panel Saws –

Offer proven technology and STRIEBIG’s exemplary precision and powerful efficiency. Call Hank to consult on the best Panel Saw for precise cutting of Solid Surface materials.

Betterley Industries Coving Router –

Cut the cove and remove excess adhesive in one pass.  Ideal for backsplashes and shower stalls! Unique design lets you cut into any 90 corner, enabling you to cove vertical and horizontal joints.

Betterley Industries Coving Sander 

Radiused pad easily sands into the cove.Easy one hand operation – weighs less than 2 lbs.

Dynabrade Coving/Backsplash Sander –

Five sanding pads available: 58020 (1/4″ Radius), 58021 (3/8″ Radius), 58022 (1/2″ Radius), 58023 (5/8″ Radius), 58024 (3/4″ Reverse Radius) Excellent for fabricating solid surface coved backsplashes.

Router Bits for Solid Surface fabrication

We carry the full line of Amana and Velepec Router Bits and Cutters for Solid Surface, Plug Cutter Sets, Decorative Sink and Bowl Edge Router Bits and Betterley Cut Out Tool.

Festool Routers 

Festool Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw and Circular Plunge Cut Track Saws

Thermoforming Ovens

Electrical Heating Bars and Portable Thermoforming Oven

Schultz Solid Surface Vacuum Formers

12’ Solid Surface Vacuum Former SSVF12 48”x150” 208/230V 3 phase 7amps 
8’ Solid Surface Vacuum Former SSVF8 48”x103” 3 phase 208/230V 7amps
Vacuum Forming Equipment can apply decorative sheet and film to almost any irregular shape including flat or curved substrates.  Thicker materials may be heated and formed over molds to produce structural shapes.

Safety Speed Cut Panel Saws –

Call for information, availability and current pricing.