Dust Technology Systems – Self Contained, Internal Return Dust Collection Systems


  • Efficient and reliable – removes dust and waste material of wood, plastics & solid surface particles from the manufacturing process.
  • Internal air return process: no air, either heated or cooled, is discharged, greatly reducing your facilities monthly utility costs!
  • Durable & affordable, costing substantially less than conventional cyclone systems.
  • Heavy 11 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Unique leg structure resulting in a stable, secure installation that requires only two sets of nuts and bolts to assemble.
  • Adjustable Height, Tube Steel Legs
  • Dynamically “dual plane” Balanced, Sand Cast, High Quality Impeller Fan Blade
  • Easily Accessible Impeller Housing
  • Unique Baffling System Allows Even Filling of collection bags
  • Patented “BEANE®” fabric filter bags for superior filtration
  • Single Phase available for 3hp, 5hp, 7.5hp & 10hp models.
  • High Quality Baldor Electric motors
  • This engineering extends useful life while providing superior acoustic dampening. 

Model DT-30 DT-50 DT-75 DT-100

Please call our office 800-789-2323 for expertise on which system would work best for your shop needs, more information and current pricing