Copemaster Coping Machine

The newly designed Copemaster Production Coping Machine cuts perfect copes every time in half the time on crown mouldings, chair rail and baseboards. Contractors can cut their production time in half and increase their profits. Finish Carpenters can cut a template and have their apprentice turn out perfect copes without the hassle of hand coping every joint. The Copemaster is a precision production coping machine.

  • Reduces Cope Time- Install more trim with better copes much faster
  • Increases Productivity and Safety
  • Eliminates Recoping – All Copes Fit every time in half the time. After making 1 template, the Copemaster can be operated by anyone to make 2, 4, or 100 copes.
  • Reduces Cost of Highly Skilled Labor
  • The Copemaster, following a template, cuts copes in seconds


  • 10” Saw Blade
  • Carriage glides on 8 linear bearings
  • Carriage locks to allow plunge or lateral cuts
  • Magnet holds carriage back when not in use
  • Stylus adjustment for fine alignment of cuts
  • Portable, lightweight 
  • Large capacity- 11 1/4” for Base Molding, 10 1/2″-11 1/4″ for crown moldngs (depends on angle)
  • Capable of coping crown, base, chair rail and more
  • Blade tilts 50° left and right
  • Travel lock for safe transport
  • Beveled vises to secure work