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Fuji Spray Systems

Fuji Spray® recognized that although there were plenty of lower priced HVLP turbine systems on the market today, there were none that combined top quality with all the features demanded by professionals. Features such as a powerful 3-stage Turbine Motor, Metal Turbine Case and Non-Bleed Spraygun with Pattern Control Knob (to adjust the size of the fan pattern) and Stainless Steel Components. Plus extra features such as an Air Control Valve and a High-Efficiency Aircap for even less overspray.


  • Spray gun 4Xpc Model
  • Air cap set .55 (1.4mm) 
  • Fluid Components – stainless steel
  • Cup capacity – 1 quart 
  • Cup type – quick release
  • Hi-Flex hose – 25’ (7.6m)
  • Motor type - 3 stage
  • Air filters (2) – washable
  • Turbine dimensions – 11’’ x 8.6’’ x 8.1’’
  • Metric dimensions – 28cm x 22cm x 20.5 cm 
  • System weight – 26.5 -27.5lbs
  • Warranty – 24 months parts & labor

Available models:

Mini-Mite 3Xpc List $549.

Mini-Mite 4Xpc List $679.

Super 3Xpc List $669.

Super 4Xpc List $799.

Q3 Gold – Quiet List $789.

Q4 Gold- Quiet List $919.

All Parts and Accessories available

Please call for discounts 800-789-2323

Call for quote Select Machinery Inc. 800-789-2323 for all your Solid Surfacing Equipment needs.


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