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Fein SuperCut Professional Detail Sander w/Caulking Set

200% faster than Fein MultiMaster-  The most powerful oscillating tool on the market, the Fein SuperCut Wood Edition 2.0 gives you versatility to use E-Cut saw blades for wood, plastic, drywall and metal   

72363861090 Fein SuperCut FSC2.0X Variable Speed Electric Detail Sander w/Caulking Set $449. includes:

  • 1-Fein SuperCut in carrying case
  • 1-Vibration-dampening bow handle
  • 1-Mounting bolt
  • 5-Straight blades
  • 1 Mushroom blade
  • 1-Elongated pointed blade

The SuperCut enables working speeds which are otherwise only available from professional reciprocating or jigsaws and provides the range and flexibility that only an oscillating power tool can offer.


  •  Power consumption- watts 400
  •  Power output- watts 220
  •  Oscillations per min- 11,000-18,500
  •  Range degrees- 2x2.0
  •  Cable with plug- 16’
  •  Weight- 3.2lbs
  •  Tool mounting -QuickIN

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FSC2.0X Caulking Set $449. (mushroom blade not shown)

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